• Who is behind the brand?

                              Welcome to Mango Accesories

At Mango Accesories we strongly believe that a piece of jewelry can add a tremendous touch of brightness and extra beauty to anyone. Our pieces selection is made thinking of the ones that love wearing jewelry for a regular work day, for an special event or just to put some fashion and sparkle to their  beauty. Our pieces are  also a good alternative to gift your significant one. At this spot we love jewelry! Our online store is founded on the belief that jewelry can be more than just an adornment; it can serve as a powerful symbol of strength and resilience.

 Our Story

Mango Accessories  was created by Zoy Quevedo. A woman that has a strong passion for jewelry and accessories. The idea started many years ago but, it did not come to the reality until she realized that she needed to find a way to be reborn and find herself again after years of a very difficult journey. A journey that could be the same journey for any woman out there right now. A journey of self-love, confidence and courage.

"Emerging from the shadows of emotional abuse, I discovered the strength within my vulnerability. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I embraced my resilience, transforming pain into power. The journey has been arduous, but through self-love and healing, I not only survived but emerged as a beacon of strength. My scars tell a story of triumph, proving that even in the darkest moments, the women spirit can endure and soar towards a brighter, empowered tomorrow".

Essentially, our boutique is the result of a powerful wish of autonomy, individuality and self determination.

Our Name 

Mango is a metaphoric comparison with the woman qualities. Both are captivating in their essence, It is about embracing the richness of character and the delightful complexities that make each one uniquely appealing. While a mango is a symphony of beauty and flavor, the exterior, with its radiant hues, mirrors the diverse and vibrant qualities found in women.

Our Mission

Our desire and mission is to create a unique site where you can find fashion and special jewelry pieces for any event to complement your personal style. A way of embracing the feminine essence in a space where every purchase is a meaningful expression of  self-love and strong spirit. A tangible reminder that beauty can arise from pain.

Join Us on this Journey

Our journey is one of resilience, creativity, and the pursuit of timeless beauty. Join us to walk together to express our identities and the power we possess to love ourselves first. When we use a piece of jewelry we remind to ourselves our strength and determination to always shine despite any difficult road we may have gone through.  

Our Products

Our selection includes Stainless Still, Silver 925 and 14K Gold Plated. Thinking of all of the different type of beauty and styles, we want to make sure we fulfill your expectations. Provide us your feedback for improvement to our email  mangoaccesories7@gmail.com or if you want to share your own story with us or just for have any questions .

Thank you for being a part of our positive journey. We look forward to be a part of yours!

With Love

Team MA Boutique